a bite-sized podcast about pico-8 and other tiny games

Join tony and friends while they chat about their favorite games, music, and art created in the Pico-8 fantasy console. In addition, we'll interview Pico-8 developers and artists, discuss the Pico-8 ecosystem, and keep you up to date on the latest news. If you'd like to co-host an episode, or would like us to cover your game, music, or pixelart, send us an e-mail here!



#1: handholding

May 27, 2016. Tony introduces pico chat, discusses PocketCHIP, covers some of his favorite games, and then gives a taste of things in store for the podcast.

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0:20 Nice to meet you!
Music: Golden Axe "Battle Field" Pico-8 cover by the wonderful castpixel
1:10 PocketCHIP ships with a version of Pico-8 installed! And it's sellin' like hotcakes
3:50 Pico-8 Zine Issue #4: Special Roguelike. Procedural generation, pathfinding, and more
4:05 pico picks:
  • Totem, a 2d fighter where you must vanquish 5 animal spirits by Benjamin Soule
  • Hydra, a procedurally generated quest with 3 full dungeons by SCGRN
  • The Masks We Wear, an awkward party simulator by YepNix
7:15 Pico-8 Jam #2 is on! The theme is "Chain Reaction," and we'll be playing every game for the next episode
7:50 Signoff. Thanks for joining me!

#2: just jammin'

June 15, 2016. Tony and Kyle play every single Pico-8 Jam #2 entry and give detailed thoughts on each. I apologize that this episode is not so tiny-- about 50 minutes. There were just so many great games to discuss in the jam!

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0:35 Introducing this episode's cohost, Kyle
Music: Super Poulet Poulet by retsyn
4:25 Part One: Isohopes, Fish Painter Deluxe
9:20 Part Two: Combo Pool, Magic Jewelry: Tale of 1000 Gems, Nora's Mouse Chase, Spacetank 9000, VCT, Orthogonal Fireworks, The Career of Peter, Ryukyu Circuit
22:35 Part Three: Brushfire, Blastr, Mass360, Gears of Gear, Arrows in Chains, Unchain, Star Picker Upper
30:45 Part Four: Cessare, Chain Warriors, Mostin's Meltdown, Rockets Red Glare, Super Cure 2: Dead 2 Rights: Arena, Magnetic Switches, Cellular Botanica, Loot Cave
38:10 Part Five: Floatfall, Pico Pang, Puzzlemagus, Zombie Intersection, Super Combo Lovers, SPC: Small Pixel Collider, Croc-O-Chain
46:30 pico chat awards for the best art, music, and best overall game

#3: one chip in my pocket

August 18. 2016. Tony's PocketCHIP arrived! Also: Pixel Art Academy features Pico-8. Pico Picks: Pico Monsters, The Slow and the Curious, Monster Hull, and Strung Out in Heaven's High. Music: The Slow and the Curious by emu.

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0:35 Intro and discussion of my brand new PocketCHIP! Links: 3D printed d-pad, 3DHubs, marshmallow home, instructions for setting up emulators
Music: The Slow and the Curious by emu
3:40 Pixel Art Academy
4:50 Pico Monsters by hcnt
5:30 The Slow and the Curious by emu
6:30 Monster Hull by William Anderson
7:45 Strung Out in Heaven's High by seleb and ianmart1n (sorry I didn't mention ian in the show!)

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